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Hello! My name is Jordan, just an abnormal sixteen year-old with an obsession for the great TV shows Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural (as you may have already noticed). I have a love for all things SuperWhoLock (I currently have six buttons: three SPN and three DW; four DW shirts, and two DW posters in my room.) My favorite books are "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs (I highly recommend this book; it leaves you on the edge of your seat), "Divergent" by Veronica Roth (most of you probably know what this book is; I haven't gotten to Insurgent and Allegiant yet, so no spoilers!), and "Confessions of a Murder Suspect" by James Patterson (there's a sequel to it, "Confessions of the Private School Murders", if you're interested in that).
I also write fanfiction for Doctor Who and Supernatural (any ideas for a fic would be greatly appreciated!)



DescriptionYou’ve been living and working with the Winchesters at the bunker for a while now and loving it, but you’re starting to feel the stress. Crowley stops by to help you relax in a special way, but you’re interrupted over the phone by the Winchesters. Not that that would stop Crowley. 

Reader Gender: Female

Author: bunkinginthebunker

Word Count: 3,302

Warnings: smut, lil bit of cursing

You loved Sam and Dean, you really did, but sometimes they were just a little too much for you. They required what seemed to be a ridiculous amount of maintenance and care. Even with them gone, working on a case, they left a boatload of their laundry that they expected to have done.

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I don’t love you


Based on this imagine

Author: kiss-my-cass-butt

Reader Gender: female

Word Count: 3, 648

Warnings: No smut, um… broken hearts? If that’s a warning.

Sorry that it’s so long and terrible, it’s my first ever fic, and, well… I always get carried away when I wright. 


It was a stormy night, and the sound of the rain could be heard echoing throughout the bunker.  You had just finished a hunt with the boys, who you had been tagging along with for about a year now, when you met them on a hunt you had been working on solo.  You were good, and they offered to have you come with them, and you readily agreed.  You had been by their side since, through thick and thin, and you would die for them.  You were pretty sure that someday you would, too.  Every hunter died young- what would make you the exception?  You might as well go while saving someone else.

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You Belong to Me »


Prompt: Crowley’s pissed off because you let Dean kiss you and he’s about to punish you with a horse crop while you’re bent over his desk and then he starts fucking you with his hands around your neck while ordering you to scream that you belong to him and only him.
Author: avengers-of-the-impala
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: Riding crop, spanking, rough sex, possessive!Crowley, dom!Crowley



Original Imagine:

Author: iwatchedasthemooncriedsilver

Reader Gender: female

Word Count: 1498

Warnings: This is my first time writing smut, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also I could start doing requested one shots if you like this and if you message me directly. I just spent almost an hour writing this one shot and then accidentally deleted it, so sorry if some parts seem rushed. 

The day started like any other, your eyes skimming over Sam Winchester at your side. You smiled at your boyfriend before slipping out of bed, trying your best not to wake him. Your bare feet padded on the cool floor of the hallways as you made your way to the kitchen.

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Love you daddy


Original Imagine:,
Author: (was: TheNight)
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3,277
Warnings:daddy kink, spanking, swearing, it’s the first one that gets into this direction, so sorry if it’s not that good.

I hope you like it! :)

“Oh fuck,____” Dean groaned, his mouth tightly pressed against yours as you stumbled through the hall.

“Dean… we wanted to… cook…” you mumbled but grinned when he pushed you against the wall and grinded his hips into yours.

“Then you shouldn’t be the hot piece of shit you are …. always seducing me” he groaned and you grinned, wearing an old shirt with a fading memory of mini mouse on it and sweat pants.

“Sorry” you giggled.

“Oh yeah, better be!” he said and turned you around roughly. You could feel his hard length rubbing harshly against your ass. “Oh baby girl, you like that? You like how hard daddy is for you?” You had to admit, you had gulped when he first mentioned what kink he had, but you had started to like his dominant side very quickly.

“Oh Mr Winchester I like it so much!” you whimpered and pushed your hips hard against him. While one hand grabbed your hips tightly as he rolled his hips against you, the other hand pushed past the hem of your sweatpants and pushed your pants and panties down. You could hardly wait anymore and were already panting hard “Please do me daddy”

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Monster - Ch. 1 »



Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Moriarty/OC
Word Count: 631
Warnings: None for this chapter
Author’s Note: Decided to post this story on tumblr too so I hope you all enjoy!

Description: "I’m in love with a criminal
And this type of Love isn’t rational
Please don’t cry, I’ll be alright

Buttermilk Biscuits »


So, this imagine was something that I couldn’t get out of my head but I was having the hardest time with it. Turns out I was trying to write it for Dean when I should have been writing it for Sam. Why didn’t I let myself know that?

Anywho, just fluff, no smut. Although I may do a part two…